Not every project is the same and while we offer a comprehensive range of panels and flooring options suitable for many environments, there is the bespoke option. Our bespoke projects allow us to design something specific to the customer needs. We can manufacture almost anything you could need and are proud of our capability to manufacture to any drawing. Our machines can manufacture up to 14 metres in length and create the perfect solution for your business’ needs.

Centre of Excellence Status

Whittle Flooring Company Ltd is a proud Centre of Excellence in CNC machining technology with extensive experience of machining timber products to fine engineering tolerances. We also utilise an agile and lean manufacturing approach to production to ensure maximum yield and minimum machining time. We can create the products you need for your business or vehicle.

How we help

Our teams are experts in CNC machining. We specialise in the provision of high quality precision flooring, interior panels, technical panels, sub-assemblies, modular components and CNC machined parts for the transport and construction industries. Most often, we supply our products in “kit form” which our customers can fit on their assembly line. We can also provide sub-assemblies which include inspection covers, access panels and trapdoors.

Our equipment

We invest in the highest quality machines to ensure our bespoke projects are completed quickly and efficiently. We use twin head and twin bed CNC machines that minimise machining costs and increase yield. Our largest five-axis machine can produce a sheet measuring up to 14.5m by 2.5m meaning we can provide our customers with a whole vehicle flooring panel in a single piece. This is a time and also cost effective solution for many of our customers.

Exceptional quality management

Both off-the-shelf and bespoke projects we work on benefit from our Quality Management System. Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System holds BSI certification under number FM623448. Quality and standards remain of extreme importance to us. We maintain and drive our standards using precise statistical analysis and our rigorous in-house material test facility. We’ve worked hard to develop strong customer relations and an approach to quality that never wavers, with strong connections throughout our supplier chain.

Whittle Flooring Company: Bespoke Projects

We work with many clients in unique environments with specific problems that require our precision approach. We deliver flooring and panels to suit many construction and vehicle requirements, and are happy to discuss your individual needs and find a solution that works.