Whittle Flooring Company Limited is a specialist precision flooring manufacturer Lancashire. We operate from a single large site in Leyland, Lancashire and everything we need to operate effectively is on-site and easy for us to access.

Our purpose-built premises has over 5000m2 of floor area, offices, warehouse and workshop space. We also have expansive space to store high quality birch plywood so we can create products to bespoke specifications as well as our standardised selection.

What Whittle Flooring Company Can Do For You

We are specialists in the provision of:

  • precision flooring
  • interior panels
  • technical panels
  • sub-assemblies, modular components
  • CNC machined parts

Our product range is most suitable for the transport and construction industries.

We provide the majority of products to our customers in kit form. This means they are ready to fit on our customer’s assembly line and do not slow down the production process for our clients. We also supply sub-assemblies including inspection covers, access panels and trapdoors. We can fit aluminium and rubber extrusions as well as catches and handles. Assemblies can include bonded substrates such as floorcovering, metal plates and high pressure laminates if needed for the customer.

We strive to ensure our customers can access the products they need quickly and efficiently. We offer a “just in time” delivery service schedule which ensures materials are provided when required and customers do not need to find space for a stockpile.

High-Quality and Sustainability

Whittle Flooring Company Limited has been established over 50 years and provides high quality precision flooring and interior panels. The organisation has established an excellent reputation for quality, performance and delivery. We supply all major bus and train manufacturers in the UK as well as a range of minibus, truck, military vehicle and boat builders.

We are committed to sustainability and recognise the importance of protecting the environment with our business activities. Our materials are sourced from legal and sustainable sources and conform to many relevant standards and regulations such as UKTA, PEFC and FSC. We select plywood which is manufactured to the highest Finnish structural standards and work with a supplier with an exceptional reputation for quality and sustainability.

Bespoke Flooring and Panels

Our range of panels and flooring is available in standard sizes and designs. However, we also provide bespoke panelling and flooring options for our customers. We are a centre for excellent in CNC machining technology and our machines ensure we can work on extensive projects of various sizes, including the ability to create a whole vehicle floor in a single piece.

Whittle Flooring Company: Precision Flooring Manufacturer Lancashire

Explore our website to find out more about what we do and get in touch to discuss any project or bespoke designs.